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Vu Vu Zaelear

I’m so glad you made a painting about the vu vu zaelear, I can still hear the sound from the 2010 World Cup

Adam Keay Paintings

Acrylic and household paint on board

47cm x 47cm



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so we opened…

It was a little strange opening our work space to the public, I know the others have done it for open studios which I didn’t do this year. The front room is kept the clean space for writers and video artists and the workspace is for making a mess without worrying about the floor !

We tidied it up best we could and then put our work up, it’s freeing to be in charge of how you present your own stuff and who you show with. It’s not always a choice that you have.

I am also trialling selling from the studio, most of my work is bought in the situ of a gallery. With the aesthetic of the gallery buyers feel confident that your work is ‘good’. I’m hoping that people will come to the studios see the workspace and artist there, talking about the work themselves and feel good about that, and buy from the artist.

There’s certainly room for both to happen as galleries certainly have a more luxurious surroundings and will attract those who don’t want to be embarrassed by not purchasing in an artists studio. (Which by the way is something we get! Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t buy anything, we’re not. I totally get thinking about purchasing something for a lot of money and potential investment, isn’t something you want pushing into) Galleries create relationships with art lovers, maybe we can do the same from the workspace.

Anyway it was a real success, a few sales, new contacts, old contacts, smiling faces, cute dog and a thunderstorm. I enjoyed it.

We will be doing it again I think on the last Saturday of the month, so maybe I will see you there ? Here’s some bitchin photos of me and Blood the printmaker……

pop up shop @ pica studiosĀ 

This Saturday we are having a pop up shop at our new studio space, we are in the centre of York so if you are anywhere near us please come and visit ! We are a fully independent artist collaborative, there are 18 of us, artist, writers and filmmakers. We wanted to work in a space that worked for us and that we have control over so we could use it as a workshop but then have a performance space or exhibition, it’s not been open long, only since January but it seems to be working for us….

working…at home


so in addition to my studio at pica, which is where the post from yesterday is, I have a room at home. The study homes all of everyones paper, this is where precious paper comes to rest, a thousand kids drawings and makings from school. Then theres the piles of mail and other house and business related paperwork all shoved under the desk…….

and in it all I make pictures, usually when felix is asleep. Luckily he loves his naps so I get a good two hours (can be more but then he won’t go to bed !) of working time.

one thing that is immensely positive for me making work in this way, is that the way I work can’t be precious, I work quickly, on maybe three or four things at a time. If it doesn’t work I start again, working on paper is so great for this. I make instinctive drawings and marks, if it doesn’t work then I start again. It has to be fresh and not laboured. Overworked drawings have a different look to them.

I also have all of my books around me, I am able to reach for inspiration when I get stuck. I will write a post about my influences, are there artist’s who influence you ?


It usually takes me about half an hour of messing about, boil the kettle twice. Make one cup of tea, drink that. Lay everything out that I’m using 

About 25 oil bars




Then lay out the 3-4 pieces I’m working on…..stare at them and work out which one is the one that is most likely to work. Work solidly for a few hours……talking to people in the studio at the same time. 

Then another cup of tea or wine if it’s after wine o clock…….

Carry on, even if it’s not working, try something else. It’s the only way to make things that seem to be right, just keep on slogging on ! I think there’s a misconception that somehow art is supposed to be enjoyable to make, it feels like a hard graft to get anywhere near what you intend.

I think the joy comes when you leave the piece of work you thought was ruined/crappy/overworked and come back the next day to find it’s good ! Doesn’t always happen, sometimes I work on something and I think, this is it ! It’s the business! To find when I return it’s not that great at all.

It’s through making work over a long period of time that you know to carry on through regardless and eventually you will make something good.

Just keep on keeping on….

Working with the landscape

It’s been a year since I posted last so I thought I would catch up here, I have been posting on instagram as the format so so good for art work, it’s easy to get a response and fun ! 

However the format of a blog is much better for getting to know your audience and for me to explain my work, ive gone back to working with the landscape after the mad vibrant painting of last year. Mainly as we had a summer outdoors and I had so much inspiration from that I had to start to play with it in the studio.

Mostly textures which mimic the stone, sand and feel of the coast……